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Related article: Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2008 07:56:17 +0000 From: damian chandler Subject: emma's school life part 11After moping around for a week and having no friends around to talk to and my sisters either at college or busy with weddings. I decided to talk to this girl that seems to have a little crush on me and I honestly don't know why she has a crush on me, she never told me during the year that she was a lesbian or had feelings for other girls and she is year 8 and I have finished high school. Anne and I do have something in common though. I had my first lesbian sexual experience in yea 8 and it was with my buddy that year and my buddy was an absolute babe and she taught me everything about lesbian sex. She was the first girl I ever licked pussy and her pussy was so hot. I did see my sister have sex with her girl friend once and she helped me even more with the art of licking pussyFirst I had to go up to the school and give back all me text books I used in Preteen Lolitas Bbs my at the school. I got to see all my friends, they all went to schoolies week down the coast. I was going to go, but I booked another holiday to Thailand in Preteen Lolitas Bbs December. They all said it was the time of there lives and to be honest I wish was down there with them, I did need some company. I went to see Mrs. Turner, but she wasn't in today and I really wanted to talk to her and I wanted to wish her good luck in America. She was a really good lover and I will Preteen Lolitas Bbs miss the fun times we had together, but I will have to move on quickly.The weekend came around quickly like it always seems to do these days. So I decided to do some major shopping and to be honest I needed it. As soon as I woke up I was very keen to get started on a big day of Preteen Lolitas Bbs shopping. I had a shower and a much needed masturbate, haven't masturbated in a week, since the formal and my cum squirted out of my pussy. I had a good taste of my juices and they tasted great like they always do. I dried myself off and wrapped a towel around my head and body. I put a bit of make up on just to look a little but pretty, Preteen Lolitas Bbs Next I put my hair in a plaited ponytail and put a white head band on, I have always like have the white head band on. Next I put a black bra on and as soon as put it on it was becoming a bit to tight and I realized I need a new bra or 3. next I went my cupboard to get a fresh diaper out and when I looked in the box, I realized I have used all of them, so I went to my panty draw and pulled out a black thon. Before I put my clothes on, I had a good look at myself in the mirror and god I look good semi naked. I decided to wear a short denim skirt and a pink tank top and just Preteen Lolitas Bbs thongs.I had a good breakfast and told mum I was going to do some shopping before I left the house. I got on the train and headed into town. There was this one girl on the train into town, I just couldn't keep my eyes off her and I must admit I was vry keen on asking her out for coffee. Than she saw me looking at her and I knew who it was as well. She came over and sat next to me. I was very worried now. Her name Kelly and she is in year 9 at my school or the school I went to. She is a very beautiful girl and I have hear a lot rumors about her being a fellow lesbian. And seeing every knew I was a lesbian by the end of my schooling life. She might be coming over to tell me she is a lesbian, but knowing my luck she will tell me to rack off.Kelly is a blonde, very sandy. She is 5'9 and is a very athletic girl. She is Preteen Lolitas Bbs very intelligent and has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen and I have seen her around school with a lot of friends. Preteen Lolitas Bbs She is just very pretty girl for her age. I haven't seen her tits in full view yet, but I have sen her in a sports bra and it looked very nice on her. She is probably the best looking girl in year 9 at St Rita's."hi Emma, how was schoolies week. Did you have a blast and did you find a knew lover" Kelly said"hey Kelly. I am good thank you. I didn't go on schollies week. I am going to Thailand at the end of the year. I am still looking for love" Emma said"are you going into town for some retail therapy as well" Kelly said"yeah I am and I really need to have a day fun and pampering maybe. Would you like to join me" Emma said"oh that sound like a lot of fun. Oh yes can i." Kelly saidI told her she can join me at this day spa I have a certificate for 2 I got for a graduation present for my aunt. The train stopped at central and we got off it and everyone seemed to be looking at us with a smirk or a hand over there mouth and while they had there hand over their mouth they where muttering something. But Kelly said they looking at this drunk that was passed out on the platform. Before we headed to the day spa, I thought it would be a good idea to have a coffee. We started talking about life in general and I asked her if she actually was a lesbian and she told me in confidence, she was a lesbian and she just wasn't ready to tell the whole world yet. She said she had gotten the will to believe in her sexuality when I came out of the closet and I was very happy to hear that.Once we had finished our coffee, we headed to the day spa. For the first time I saw Kelly naked and she didn't mind me seeing her naked either. She actually flaunted it. Her body is very sex and her tit are well developed for her age. First was a mud bath and I have never had a mud bath in my life and I was really nice, I really enjoyed and so did Kelly. After our mud bats we had massages for the rest of the time and we both really enjoyed. Once our massages where finished we went and got dressed and again I got to see her naked and I saw she likes wearing thongs as much as I do. I reckon she wanted my attention, I nearly went and grabbed her ass, that's how much I want her at them moment.After the day spa, we headed to a nice little restaurant. We had a nice lunch at aa Italian restaurant. The whole time I could feel Kelly rubbing legs with her feet and I could see she was enjoying it. I have this feeing Kelly wants to start a relationship with me, especially now she has told me she is a lesbian. The lunch we had was delicious and I will always come back here in the future.After lunch we Preteen Lolitas Bbs headed to the nearest clothes shop and I needed anoth evening dress and Kelly need a evening dress as well. I found a dress that looked exactly the same as the one I got in Thailand and it looked better as well. I went and tried it on. As soon as I got it on, I got out of the dressing room and asked Kelly what she thought, all could see was her nodding her head and smiling, so I knew she liked it. I could see she found a dress and it will look sexy on her if you ask me. She went into the dressing room to try it on. Once she had it on, she was very keen to show me how it looked on her. I could see how hot this dress looked on her and it was stunning. We both bought our dresses and we where both very happy.The next store we headed to was a lingerie shop and I needed a bra or 3. I found a black strapless bra and 2 red silk bra's I went and tried them on straight away. Kelly wanted me to show her how they looked on me. I said you might have to wait I knew as soon as I said that she would think I want to have sex with her. She kept persisting and I kept telling her you will have to wait. She than stopped pestering me. I bought the bras and headed to a surf shop. Kelly was very quiet.I needed a new pair of sunglasses and so did Kelly. we both got pretty good glasses and everyone seems to wear these style of glasses. We decided to head home and Kelly was still very quiet and I was worried about this."Kelly do you want to come back to my place" Emma said"yes can i. maybe I can see how those bra's look on you" Kelly said"good and maybe we can talk about other things and yes I will show you how theses bra's look on me" Emma saidWe got on the train and headed home. Kelly looked very eager to see what the bra's are going to look on me. We got off the train and walked to my home. It was a short walk from the train station to my place. as soon as we got to my place, I could see mum wasn't home and we where going to be alone. I opened the door to my place and walked in. we both walked into my room and as soon as I entered the room, I could see there was a new cas of diapers for me and I had to rush Preteen Lolitas Bbs over and put it away. Kelly saw the box. I was doomed."Emma do you wear diapers" Kelly said"yes my secret has been revealed. I wear diapers for fun and lately for medical reasons" Emma said"cool can I try a diaper on. I have heard about the life of a diaper lover, I am a closet diaper lover" Kelly said"ok Kelly get undressed and I will put a diaper on you and you can put a diaper on me" Emma saidShe was very happy to hear she could put a diaper on me and I was very happy to see her pussy and put a fresh diaper on her. Kelly unzipped her skirt and pulled down her skirt and than her black thong and she got on my bed. I opened the box and pulled out a fresh diaper. I gently lifted her legs up in the air. I just couldn't help myself, I place my hand on her pussy and started rubbing it. Kelly started moaning and I knew she loved it. I stopped rubbing her pussy and I asked her."Kelly do you want me to lick your pussy and you do the same to me" Emma said"Emma yes will you please lick my pussy. I have been wanting this all day" Kelly"ok beautiful. I will lick you pussy and I want you to know you don't have to anything you don't want to do" Emma said.She nodded her head when I said those words. I got down on my knees and move my head between her legs and started licking. God her pussy tasted great. I started slowly just to get a rhythm going and Kelly was absolutely loving it. She was moaning louder and louder with every lick I made. I increased my licking pace and it was Kelly needed to send her over the top. I inserted a couple finger and started to finger fuck her as well as lick her pussy. Her moaning and groaning was vey loud now and her climax was nearly reached. I finally found her clit and I started sucking on it like a lollipop. Her climax was finally reached and her cum squirted out of her pussy all over my face. She got up her elbows and I moved to her face and gave Preteen Lolitas Bbs her a passionate kiss and she enjoyed it. She licked all of the cum off my face.I asked her before she started licking my pussy, if she had licked pussy before and she told me she has. I was very happy about that. She moved to between my legs and she started licking my pussy and she has done this before, by the way she licked my pussy and she was really great at licking pussy. I was moaning and groaning louder than I was when Mrs. Turner was licking my pussy. Kelly inserted a couple of fingers like I did and she started finger fucking me and od it felt good. She started sucking on my clit and my climax was coming. My climax was finally reached and I was totally spent and I only just had enough energy to give Kelly and maybe my new lover a passionate kiss.I kept my word and put a diaper on Kelly and looked very thick between her legs. He put a fresh diaper on me and we took a couple of pictures and I must admit we looked good. She left before mum got home, I had shower before she left and I asked her if she would join me and she jumped at the chance. We stood Preteen Lolitas Bbs underneath the shower head naked and we kissed passionately..After our shower together we had another passionate kiss and I gave her a couple of fresh diapers before she left. I walked her to the door in my robe and before she left the house I gave her a quick flash of my tits and her eyes widened. I waved to her and I blew her a kiss. Mum drove into the drive way as soon a Kelly was leaving and she didn't ask any questions all she did was smile.I think I have found love again. I went to sleep with a thick diaper on thanks to mum putting it on me and a smile. I dreamt about Kelly all night.
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